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1000 trees to be potentially removed… Can the community Stop it?

On September 18th, the Sydney Morning Herald published a story by Lisa Visentin titled “The 1000 trees being assessed for potential removal by energy companies.” The title itself is a … Continue reading

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Facility to Convert Non-Recyclable Plastics to Fuel: Too Good to Be True?

On September 12th 2016, ABC posted an online informative article written by Penny Travers in their Environment News section, about a new facility currently being built in Canberra that will … Continue reading

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Welcome to a new semester! Fall 2016

Fall semester got off to a moist start as our newest group of NYU students headed over to Milson Island – but the weather didn’t dampen the spirits of our … Continue reading

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$7.7 Billion Fossil Fuel Subsidies ‘Like Being In Bed With Big Tobacco’

$7.7 Billion Fossil Fuel Subsidies ‘Like Being In Bed With Big Tobacco’ In the days before the federal government announced their Budget, on April 26th, Thom Mitchell from New Mathilda … Continue reading

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Adani’s Galilee Basin project mine leases approved

Amy Mitchell-Whittington’s article on the most recent in a long line of developments surrounding the Galilee Basin project, a proposed mining venture in Carmichael, Queensland by Indian mining company Adani, … Continue reading

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When in drought: the California farmers who don’t water their crops

Charlotte Simmond’s feature story on dry farming in California, provides an insightful and positive perspective on this sustainable farming method. Simmond’s immediately uses simplicity in her writing to draw readers … Continue reading

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Australia Quietly Adds 49 Species to Threatened and Endangered List

This feature length article uses a new even to discuss a major issue in Australia, the decline in many species. The intended audience for this piece is someone who is … Continue reading

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Derailed Train near US Capital Leaks Hazardous Material

On May 2nd, The Guardian website published a reaction news story by Joanna Walters on a freight train derailment that led to a spill of hazardous material near Washington D.C. … Continue reading

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Uncovering a Deep-Sea Swarm of Zombie Crabs

On April 14, 2016, the New York Times website published the story “Uncovering a Deep-Sea Swarm of Zombie Crabs” by Nicholas St. Fleur to its science section. The story is … Continue reading

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Commentary on “River on fire in Greens MP’s video is natural, not fracking, says CSIRO”

  On April 24th, 2016 the news article, “River on fire in Greens MP’s video is natural, not fracking, says CSIRO “ published in the environmental section of The Guardian … Continue reading

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Free Range Egg Fraud

The aptly named article, “Free Range Egg Farms fined $300,000 for misleading shoppers with false claims” describes the unethical raising of the hens under a free-range label, and contributes quotes … Continue reading

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Is Growing Your Own Food the Only Way to Truly Be Vegetarian or Vegan?

Courtesy of EcoWatch http://ecowatch.com/2016/04/02/be-truly-vegetarian-vegan/ Arie LeVaux’s article, “Is Growing Your Own Food the Only Way to Truly Be Vegetarian or Vegan?” discusses how the meaning of vegetarian or vegan means … Continue reading

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“Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’”

Oliver Milman’s article, “Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’ says Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques,” published in The Guardian on March 24th, discusses how the US army corps of engineers … Continue reading

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“Cowspiracy? Or Is There A Deeper Problem?”

Geoff Russell’s article, “Cowspiracy? Or Is There A Deeper Problem?” published by New Matilda on March 24 discusses the documentary Cowspiracy and how it attempts to explain the role that the … Continue reading

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