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The EU’s plan to save the bees

Bees are indistinguishably one of the most important of species. Bees manage to sustain the responsibility of pollinating all flowers, allowing for the rebirth and new growth of vegetation. Pollination … Continue reading

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Response to “The tragic lives of India’s mistreated captive Elephants” by Soutik Biswas

Biswas article, “The tragic lives of India’s mistreated captive Elephants,” is about the lives of captive elephants in India. He describes their tragic conditions and their treatment. Biswas begins with … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 15- Sasha Keenan

In her playfully-titled TIME Magazine article, “The Meat Industry Has Some Serious Beef With Those Bleeding Plant-Based Burgers,” Mahita Gajanan writes about how startups like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods … Continue reading

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A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians From Cars

I chose this article because I thought it was a well-written feature story on an extraordinarily complex and controversial target that is close to my hometown. Additionally, while I disagreed … Continue reading

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Tourism Pressures: Five Places Tackling Too Many Visitors

Vicky Baker’s BBC article, Tourism Pressures: Five Places Tackling Too Many Visitors, discusses the impact of tourism on the environment and the ways various nations are choosing to deal with this … Continue reading

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How Oman’s Rock Could Help Save The Planet

Henry Fountain’s New York Times feature “How Oman’s Rock Could Help Change the Planet”, published April 26, 2018, discusses rock formations in Ibra, Oman that naturally react with carbon, absorbing … Continue reading

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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef ‘Cooked’, According to Recent Study

On April 19, 2018, Michael Slezak, science, technology and environment reporter for ABC News, released an article titled, “Coral on the Great Barrier Reef was ‘cooked’ during 2016 marine heatwave, … Continue reading

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America Before Earth Day: Smog and Disasters Spurred the Laws Trump Wants to Undo (Analysis)

A timely article written for the New York Times by Livia Albeck-Ripka and Kendra Pierre-Louis on 21 April 2018 took a look back at five different historic environmental disasters and … Continue reading

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Giant plastic ‘berg blocks Indonesian river (Media Analysis)

On April 19th of 2018 the Science Editor for the BBC News, David Shukman, visited Indonesia to write a news feature on one of the most concerning issues the country … Continue reading

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First “plastic-free” sport event in the UK

On April 2, 2018, Josh Gabbatiss, science correspondent for the Independent, released an article, “First plastic-free events show how sport can cut out ‘huge amounts of waste’ and be more … Continue reading

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‘It’s weird’: Return of summer sends plants into confusion

I chose the story “It’s weird: Return of summer sends plants into confusion” as it highlights an important issue that is happening in Australia right now. Although it starts with … Continue reading

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How to Write an Unbiased Article on Climate Change Deniers: a look at a NYT article.

Reporting on trends in climate change denialist circles while still not giving them a legitimate platform is a difficult task, but Erica Goode, writing for The New York Times tries … Continue reading

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Media Release: “Linc Energy found guilty of serious environmental harm at controversial UCG Plant”

In the press release “Linc Energy found guilty of serious environmental harm at controversial UCG Plant,” written for ABC news by Elli Sibson, we are exposed to the secrecy and … Continue reading

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“Microbiome Study Suggests Marine Nematodes Are Not Picky Eaters”

https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180403140400.htm   This press release, published by Science Daily, describes a new finding made by the University of California- Riverside regarding the dietary patterns of nematodes found on the ocean … Continue reading

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