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China’s Ban Drives Australia to Consider Working Toward a Circular Economy

Australia must weigh the demand for a sustainable circular economy after China placed a ban on low-value recycling materials on January 1st, causing panic over whether Australia’s household recycling practices … Continue reading

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Deepwater drilling threatens the Great Australian Bight

Environmentalists warn that marine life is threatened by the Australian Government’s plans to set aside even more areas of the ocean for oil and gas mining this year, including the … Continue reading

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Solar ‘tsunami’ coming in Australia as NSW accelerates approvals

On February 7, The Sydney Morning Herald posted an article titled “Solar ‘tsunami’ coming in Australia as NSW accelerates approvals” about the increase in solar projects in NSW. Written by … Continue reading

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Welcome EJ Spring 2018 – our 12th semester!

I’m excited to welcome our Spring 2018 students to NYU and to Environmental Journalism. We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned for this semester, including a trip to Homebush Bay … Continue reading

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EPA to propose repealing Obama-era rule on greenhouse gas emissions

CNN Coauthors Miranda Green and Rene Marsh published a news article on October 8th, 2017 covering the highlights of a leaked proposal to re-appeal the Clean Power Plan under the … Continue reading

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“Why Some Penguin Populations are Shrinking” // Spoiler Alert: it’s Climate Change.

PBS NewsHour’s feature story “Why some penguin populations are shrinking,” reported on by Synclaire Cruel, was published on World Penguin Day: Tuesday the 25th of April. The story focuses on a report … Continue reading

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In race to curb climate change, cities out pace governments

Alister Doyle writes in his 13 March 2017 article that since the December 2015 Paris Agreement, global cities have taken the initiative when it comes to climate change, often encroaching … Continue reading

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“Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’”

Oliver Milman’s article, “Dredging Florida coral reef is ‘lunacy’ says Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques,” published in The Guardian on March 24th, discusses how the US army corps of engineers … Continue reading

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“Berta Cáceres one of hundreds of land protesters murdered in last decade”

By Mariah Holden The Guardian has made a statement about no longer publishing the ideas, opinions or beliefs of climate change deniers, likening the  view to believing in aliens. Understanding … Continue reading

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“Environmental groups claim NSW government too slow to act on CSG regulation”

http://www.smh.com.au/environment/environmental-groups-claim-nsw-government-too-slow-to-act-on-csg-regulation-20150925-gjvfwr.html This news story published in The Sydney Morning Herald is about 500 words describing the conflict between environmental groups and the legislative government.  The article goes on to recognize … Continue reading

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A Challenge for the Environment’s Sake

  Rendleman Orchards in Alto Pass, IL In a Small Midwestern Community, an Aggressive Campaign to Reclaim its Environment     In a small community of the most southern counties in Illinois, … Continue reading

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This Week in the News

Jenna Ribbing Journalism and Society This Week in Environmental News   How are U.N. Climate Talks Like a Middle School? Cliques Rule.   Delegates began the plenary session at the … Continue reading

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Environmental Media Monitoring Week 14

This week we looked at the article in the Sydney Morning Herald “Tesla Powerwall home battery setting a new standard for Australian energy providers” by Lucy Cormack. Cormack explains that … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 4 – International News

New York Times article “A Mosquito Solution (More Mosquitoes) Raises Het in Florida Keys” mentions the backlash an attempt to control de mosquito population in the Florida Keys has received. … Continue reading

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