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NT Indigenous Leaders tell Prime Minister to Back Off Over Fracking

On Sunday October 8, 2017, Jane Bardon published this news feature in ABC News. It says why these people were so happy with the potential of fracking— which, according to … Continue reading

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‘Aggressive’ Dendrobium mine causing ‘grave, severe’ impacts on Sydney water catchments

By: Jodine Holli Wolman On September 14th, 2017 Paige Cockburn with ABC News released a news report exposing the effects fracturing and bulging coming from a Mine west of Wollongong … Continue reading

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Nespresso bid to recycle coffee pods

Published in The Guardian on May 2nd, 2017 the article, “Nespresso bid to recycle coffee pods” written by Rebecca Smithers gives a brief overview of a pilot program Nespresso launched … Continue reading

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“Adani may face fine over sediment released in floodwaters after Cyclone Debbie”

A story called “Adani may face fine over sediment released in floodwaters after Cyclone Debbie” by Joshua Robertson was published last week in The Guardian. It is an important follow … Continue reading

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“Why Some Penguin Populations are Shrinking” // Spoiler Alert: it’s Climate Change.

PBS NewsHour’s feature story “Why some penguin populations are shrinking,” reported on by Synclaire Cruel, was published on World Penguin Day: Tuesday the 25th of April. The story focuses on a report … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Ivory Ban Leaves Gaping Loopholes

In the SCMP article “Don’t wait five years to ban ivory trade, Hong Kong”, Hubert Cheung discusses China’s recent pledge to stop the ivory trade, and criticises Hong Kong’s lagging action plan. … Continue reading

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In race to curb climate change, cities out pace governments

Alister Doyle writes in his 13 March 2017 article that since the December 2015 Paris Agreement, global cities have taken the initiative when it comes to climate change, often encroaching … Continue reading

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Burger King’s Main Soybean Suppliers Contribute to Deforestation in Bolivia and Brazil

Arthur Neslen posted a news story article, titled “Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil and Bolivia”, on The Guardian website on March 2nd, 2017 highlighting the … Continue reading

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The government is right to fund energy storage: a 100% renewable grid is within reach

Written by Andrew Blakers, Bin Lu, and Matthew Stocks, The Conversation website published this opinion piece on Feb 2 that argues that wind, solar photovoltaics (PV) and off-river pumped hydro … Continue reading

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Army Corps of Engineers to Grant Final Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

On February 7, 2017 Nikita Biryukov and Daniel A. Medina report in an NBC News article that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers let out a statement granting a permit … Continue reading

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North Sea or Great Australian Bight, oil drilling is always a risky business

On Friday 7 October 2016, the Guardian published North Sea or Australian Bight, oil drilling is always a risky business, by John Sauven. John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace … Continue reading

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Facility to Convert Non-Recyclable Plastics to Fuel: Too Good to Be True?

On September 12th 2016, ABC posted an online informative article written by Penny Travers in their Environment News section, about a new facility currently being built in Canberra that will … Continue reading

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Adani’s Galilee Basin project mine leases approved

Amy Mitchell-Whittington’s article on the most recent in a long line of developments surrounding the Galilee Basin project, a proposed mining venture in Carmichael, Queensland by Indian mining company Adani, … Continue reading

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When in drought: the California farmers who don’t water their crops

Charlotte Simmond’s feature story on dry farming in California, provides an insightful and positive perspective on this sustainable farming method. Simmond’s immediately uses simplicity in her writing to draw readers … Continue reading

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