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Dahl’s toad-headed turtles: save their habitats or risk losing them forever

In a research-based news story titled “Dahl’s toad-headed turtle threatened by fragmented habitat, shrinking populations,” published in Science Daily, the authors explain the impact inbreeding and “small and fragmented” populations … Continue reading

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Discarded cigarette butts: The next high performing hydrogen storage material?

In a story published by the University of Nottingham in Science Daily, titled “Discarded cigarette butts: The next high performing hydrogen storage material?”, Professor of Materials Chemistry Robert Mokaya and … Continue reading

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Responsible chocolate is about protecting both forests and cocoa farmers’ livelihoods

In an opinion article from The Conversation titled “Responsible chocolate is about protecting both forests and cocoa farmers’ livelihoods, Hirons, McDermott, and Maguire-Rajpaul introduce the Joint Framework of Action created by … Continue reading

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Australia among the world’s worst on biodiversity conservation

In “Australia among the world’s worst on biodiversity conservation” Preece uses the direct relationship between biodiversity loss and program funding as a talking point to introduce readers to LTERN, an … Continue reading

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U.S. to back out of Paris Climate Accords

By: Jarek Liang Back in June of 2017, President Donald Trump had announced yet another politically controversial decision; he would be pulling the United States out of the Paris Climate … Continue reading

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“Farms could slash pesticide use without losses, research reveals “

On Friday April 7, 2017, Damian Carrington highlighted how virtually all farms could slash their pesticide use without hindering the farm’s production.  He prevents facts and statistics that support his … Continue reading

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“The Great Barrier Reef Is in for Another Record-Breaking Bleaching Event”

  Alexander Haro, a writer for The Inertia, recently wrote a story of the continued coral bleaching titled “The Great Barrier Reef Is in for Another Record-Breaking Bleaching Event”. The … Continue reading

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Piggery Plans in the Midwest spark concern

On Wednesday March 22nd 2017, Reuben Hale outlined in feature form a complex issue unfolding in the Midwest to establish a large scale pig farm in close proximity to the town … Continue reading

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Czech zoo cuts off horns to protect rhinos after France attack

On March 23, 2017, Elizabeth Roberts highlighted the dehorning of rhinos in the Czech Republic. In her article, Roberts argued that the decision to dehorn 21 rhinos at the zoo … Continue reading

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Bundle of plastic waste washed ashore at Wooli believed to be from passing ship

In the news story “Bundle of plastic waste washed ashore at Wooli believed to be from passing ship” journalist Elloise Farrow-Smith uses a large bundle of plastic, washed ashore in Wooli, … Continue reading

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House Overturns Obama-Era Law to Protect Alaskan Bears and Wolves

Dakshayani Shankar’s article ‘House Overturns Obama-Era Law to Protect Alaskan Bears and Wolves’ is a piece that is very representative of the current political scene in the United States. Shankar … Continue reading

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Army Corps of Engineers to Grant Final Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

On February 7, 2017 Nikita Biryukov and Daniel A. Medina report in an NBC News article that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers let out a statement granting a permit … Continue reading

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Is this the beginning of the end for coal?

On November 25th, The Guardian posted a global background article about the current conditions of coal usage. They started by announcing that this week Canada was added to the list … Continue reading

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Unstable Antarctic glacier can potentially raise global sea levels by 10%.

On October 20th, the Washington Post published an information article regarding a 20-25 million dollar research mission that will aim to study a 75 mile long glacier that could potentially … Continue reading

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