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Many NYU Sydney students have their environment feature stories published.

Andrew Xie (Spring 2015) had his final feature article published in the Environment section of ABC ONLINE:

I don’t see-weed: the rehabilitation of Sydney’s underwater forests
12 JUN 2015
Scientists are slipping on wetsuits to save Sydney’s salty forests from an underwater enemy – and they are hoping to crowd-source their seaweed-planting project to boost the amount of brown ‘crayweed’ in Sydney harbour after a hardier (but less nourishing) green seaweed has replaced the original brown weed, killed by harbour pollution decades ago. [Download PDF File of this story]
Meanwhile, Julia Musto (Fall 2014) had a feature published in the Huffington Post:

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Whaling
6 Oct 2014

Japanese whalers have killed upwards of 10,000 whales since an international moratorium on whaling came into effect in 1986, reports Julia Musto – and Japan seems set to kill plenty more, sending out whaling boats just a month after the international court in the Hague found that their whaling program was ‘unscientific.’ Julia Musto reports.  [PDF]

Many other Environmental Journalism students have been published in Reportage Online, the magazine of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, and in Upstart Magazine, the magazine of La Trobe University in Victoria.

Here’s an honour roll of our students’ stories published in Reportage and Upstart:

* * * * * * *



FALL 2016

Indigenous Land Reallocation Reemerges as a Global Phenomenon
10 Feb 2017
NYU student Isabel Avina examines the parallels between Australia’s Adani Carmichael Coal Mine and the US controversy over the North Dakota Access Pipeline.    [PDF]



Rabies over-reaction could drive Bali dogs to extinction
30 May 2016
Thousands of dogs were killed in Bali last year following the rabies-related deaths of fifteen people. Around 4,000 people in Bali suffer dog-bites each month – but local animal rights activists are begging the government to continue their previously-successful mass vaccination program which will be more effective than culling,  reports Meredith Brown.    [PDF]

Break Free from Coal Exports
3 Jun 2016
Sana Dadani reports on the 350.org protest action at the port of Newcastle, north of Sydney, where Pacific islanders and thousands of supporters engaged in non-violent direct action, taking to the water in hundreds of kayaks to effectively shut down the world’s largest coal export port for a few hours. [PDF]

FALL 2015

A sad tale of koalas and coal mines
12 December 2015
The proposed Shenhua coal mine could have devastating consequences for the local koala population, as Krystina Busacco reports. [PDF]

How “free” are your free range eggs?
9 December 2015
Mytam Mayo-Smith reports on the controversy surrounding free-range egg labelling. [PDF]

Can we save the planet by shifting our diet?
14 December 2015
Vegetarians may hold the secret to saving Planet Earth from devastating climate change, reports Simone Cooper  [PDF]

Riding the wave to renewable energy
14 December 2015
As energy costs in Australia rise, it is no surprise Australia is exploring ocean energy technologies, following a CSIRO report predicting wave energy could provide more than 10 percent of Australia’s electricity by 2050.  Christina Buru reports.  [PDF]

From Dry Seasons to Dry Pockets
14 December 2015
Mounting research warns it’s only a matter of time before food prices skyrocket and rising temperatures start exhausting Australia’s already vulnerable agribusiness sector, writes Catherine Stuck.  [PDF]

* * * * * * *


Falling foxes
2 June 2014
The iconic fruit bat – found throughout New South Wales and Queensland – could be in danger. Colin Johnson reports.   [PDF]

Voices for rhinos
20 May 2014
Taronga Zoo is doing its part to raise awareness about the plight of the endangered Sumatran rhino. Jocelyn Bruno reports.  [PDF]

Environmentally friendly shark cull alternatives
20 May 2014
In response to the recent and controversial Western Australian shark cull, more environmentally friendly shark protection methods have been suggested. Sydney Lang reports.  [PDF]

Food security and prices an increasing concern in Australia
19 May 2014
The impact of climate change has been widely discussed but one lesser known issue is its potential effect on primary food production in Australia. Joy Madubuonwu reports.   [PDF]

Cane toads reach Sydney
18 May 2014
They have spread havoc throughout ecosytems in much of Australia and now cane toads have invaded Sydney. Jocelyn Bruno reports.  [PDF]

* * * * * * *

FALL 2013

Under the sea: how shipping water is ruining the ocean
10 March 2014
Climate change and dredging in the Great Barrier Reef are among the environmental issues closest to the hearts of many Australians. But there is another problem that could do a huge amount of damage to our marine ecosystems. Jimmy Harney investigates. [PDF]

Fighting for the koala’s life
30 December 2013
In mid-2013, Australians learnt about the plight of koalas struggling to survive in timber plantations. Since then, much has happened to support the vulnerable and much-loved animal. Madalyn Danielson reports.   [PDF]

The food that’s left behind
30 December 2013
Dumpster diving for unwanted food is a growing movement in Australia and across the world. Meera Aiyagari investigates.  [PDF]

The Cost of Water Security
16 December 2013
In drought-prone Australia, important efforts to attain secure water supplies are both ongoing and controversial. Gabrielle Ewing investigates the efforts of some companies to recycle water previously used in mining coal seam gas in local Australian water supplies.  [PDF]

* * * * * * *


The inevitable food wasteland
3 June 2013
The world’s population is increasing and with it grows the pressure on food production. Will there be enough to go around? Jessica Stolzman investigates.  [PDF]

A growing love of local food
3 June 2013
A small food cooperative in Sydney, Australia, is leading the way in affordable, sustainable and local food. Madeline Park reports.  [PDF]

Learning to be green
3 June 2013
As communities work to become more environmentally friendly, just how good is environmental education in Australian schools? Jamie McKillop investigates.   [PDF]

* * * * * * *
FALL 2012

Inner city food-harvesting: a growing trend
17 December 2012
Urban Sydney is experiencing a back-to-basics food-harvesting renaissance in community gardens across the city, but the planned 2014 City Farm will cement local food production as a Sydney-wide norm, writes Sarah Kamenetz.   [PDF]



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