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A Challenge for the Environment’s Sake

  Rendleman Orchards in Alto Pass, IL In a Small Midwestern Community, an Aggressive Campaign to Reclaim its Environment     In a small community of the most southern counties in Illinois, … Continue reading

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This Week in the News

Jenna Ribbing Journalism and Society This Week in Environmental News   How are U.N. Climate Talks Like a Middle School? Cliques Rule.   Delegates began the plenary session at the … Continue reading

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Australian firm N&M Commodities Pty Ltd and the Ca Mau Province’s Department of Planning and Investment have unveiled a plan to build a deep-water seaport approximately 15 kilometers off the … Continue reading

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Nyngan Solar project breaks ground in NSW, signaling end for coal and bright future for renewables

I’m sitting at a bar in Melbourne with Ollie O’Callaghan, the twenty-three year old stepson of Jock O’Callaghan, who is the energy, utilities and mining leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC … Continue reading

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Environmental Media Monitoring Week 14

This week we looked at the article in the Sydney Morning Herald “Tesla Powerwall home battery setting a new standard for Australian energy providers” by Lucy Cormack. Cormack explains that … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 13–National News “Great Barrier Reef a political hostage to global activists”

“Great Barrier Reef a political hostage to global activists” written by environment editor Graham Llyod and published in The Australian on April 11th, 2015, draws our attention to the political … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 13- Bees “get a buzz” from pesticides.

“Bees ‘get a buzz’ from pesticides,” a news story published by BBC Science & Environment on April 2015, draws our attention to a recent scientific study on bees. Currently a … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 12: Wave Energy

This week in Australian environmental news, Australia’s own Carnegie Wave Energy was covered in the New York Times article “Catching Waves and Turning Them Into Electricity.” This article discussed Carnegie … Continue reading

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Carbon capture and storage: a means to an end, or to THE end?

In Arthur Nelsen’s article “Europe’s carbon capture dream beset by delays, fears and doubt”, published in The Guardian, he uses the recent mobilization to protest in Norway against a cement … Continue reading

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Toad Explosion

  Many articles across Australian news publications seem to be centered around wildlife. The week, The Land reported on PETA’s misrepresentation of the wool industry with one of their latest … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 9 – Traywick

  Out of the various environmental topics this week, I chose to focus on the first-ever mandatory water restriction bill in California in response to the multi-year drought. The New … Continue reading

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Sydney Water revealed as nation’s biggest dumper of mercury – Kara Norton post

“Sydney Water revealed as nation’s biggest dumper of mercury” by Natalie O’Brien (Sydney Morning Herald, April 4) With such a broad topic, and a word count of just over 500 … Continue reading

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Spring 2015-Media Monitoring Week 8

Cultured Meat Could Be The End of Cattle Farming The article, http://ab.co/1D85kaR, written by Dominique Schwartz at ABC News writes a news story describing a new technology for burger creation … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 8 — Australian/International News

Media Monitoring Week 8 ABC’s article, Great Barrier Reef marine reserves get a big tick, discusses how the combination of marine reserves and fishing controls seem to be working to protect the … Continue reading

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