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The Climate Change Crazies

Originally posted on lempcoleconn:
Climate Change seems to be at the forefront of environmental news ever since “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, and the governments are still today trying to…

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Environmental Journalism in the field – Spring 2014

It’s always great to see our friendly campus at NYU Sydney featured prominently in the NYU Global Dimensions blog – this semester, Environmental Journalism had a turn, with our field … Continue reading

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Solutions to saving mother Earth – Topic of Solutions

Did you know that you can help the environment doing the smallest things such as recycling and unplugging chargers when not being used?  The smallest things can help the environment … Continue reading

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Food Supply Bullies and Protectors

  A growing human population on a finite planet is, for most, a cause for growing concern. On an environmental level, not only does more people mean more food and … Continue reading

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Population Growth vs. Overconsumption

  Living on a planet with what seems to be an ever-growing global population, appears to be a topic of  growing interest as suggested by the various articles written about … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring – Week 13

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that last Monday morning, temperatures in Canberra dropped below freezing for the first time since November. While these temperatures are not unheard of in Canberra, … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring – Week 12

According to ABC, Lake Wynagan, located in New South Wales, has opened again after a five month hiatus.  The lake, which was heavily Algae-filled, has been open for recreational use. … Continue reading

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Environment headlines, Feb 26 2014

Environment Media Monitoring: Week 4, Feb 19-26 2014 In Australian news, the ABC reported that an investigation took place into the board members of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park … Continue reading

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The Future of Energy: Time to Live Smarter not Harder

The Future of Energy: Time to Live Smarter not Harder Jean Marie Lambert A small Toyota zips around in a Top Gear episode but this seemingly normal car is actually … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 11- Joy Madubuonwu and Lyndsey Walsh

On April 18, 2014 the New York Times reported that the Californian drought has been affecting river levels creating shallow water, and in turn threatening the survival of the salmon … Continue reading

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Worldwide Water Concerns

Around the globe, societies are feeling the effects of years of using a renewable resource carelessly. Freshwater sources are dangerously depleted worldwide, but some areas are suffering more severely than others. In … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring for April 16

MSN News and USA Today have reported on a forest fire in Valparaiso, Chile that has killed at least 12 people, destroyed over 500 homes, and forced over 10,000 people … Continue reading

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An Ocean Full of Trash

The oceans have become a highly susceptible victim of climate change, pollution, overharvesting, and acidification. A main concern that scientists are now facing is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring for the Week of April 9

In international news via The Dodo, Sunder the elephant is free from his prison in a Kolhalpur temple. After two years of campaigning, the Maharashta Forest Department, PETA India, and … Continue reading

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