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The Future of Energy: Bleak or Bright?

Energy is one of the most hotly debated issues in the news. Right now, we don’t know where we’re heading. But where we are today does not always seem like … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring: Australian News, Week 13 – May 16th

This past week in Australian environmental news has centered around Queensland, and its ongoing battle with land clearing, animals, and national parks, though there was emerging news from Western Australia, … Continue reading

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Declining Population and Overconsumption

This week, we looked at three articles that brought forth a topic that is perhaps much less considered: the impacts of a declining population. Based on the fact that it … Continue reading

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Recap, this week in Australian media (5/6):

1. According to data collected by a group called Ghost Nets Australia, thousands of ghost nets (invisible nets that cannot be tracked) were found to be damaging the oceans’ ecosystems. … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring Week 13 – May 16th

  Many parts of the world are facing with the problematic issue of possible bee extinction. According to the article, the honeybee is the underlying insect that produces one-third of … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring: May 9-16

case of invasive feral pigs into a major Brazilian wetland has become a boon for the people living in the area. The pigs, who are a threat to biodiversity in … Continue reading

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Murray-Darling Basin in Crisis

Spreading over one million kilometers from Queensland to South Australia, the Murray-Darling Basin is home to two-thirds of Australia’s irrigated farm land and provides one-third of its food supply. However, … Continue reading

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Dangers Facing the Murray Darling Basin

The Murray-Darling Basin, spanning from South Australia to New South Wales to Queensland, is one of the largest and most important water basins, river systems and agriculture zones in Australia … Continue reading

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Food Futures

The future of food and sustainability is a questionable on innumerable platforms and discussions. In Julian Cribb’s “The Coming Famine”, he takes the reader through a serious of issues in … Continue reading

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Michael Mobbs

Michael Mobbs is an environmentalist known for his Sustainable Communities Project in Sydney. He has written two books, Sustainable Food and Sustainable House. He opens his home up to the … Continue reading

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Oceans and Reefs

The ocean covers more than seven-tenths of the earth’s surface and makes up 99% of living space on the planet. Most people neglect to realize just how crucial it is … Continue reading

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Media in Bali

The media in Bali is hard to compare to what we see in Australia and the US. With so many cultural, economic and political differences it’s hard to draw similarities … Continue reading

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Media Monitoring–Week 9, April 18th

Here are the events of environmental news of the week of April 18th On Tuesday, 16 April 2013, the strongest earthquake to affect Iran in 40 years hit Tehran. The … Continue reading

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The Forests of Australia: The Fight for Survival

  Tasmania’s Upper Florentine Valley is known to be home to old growth forests, threatened species, and even relentless protesters. Ongoing logging operations in Upper Florentine prompted pro-conservationists groups to set … Continue reading

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