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Overpopulation: when our population begins to decline, what will happen to consumption?

I have always been under the impression that the world’s population will keep growing and that eventually we will run out of resources, and that Malthus’ grim theory was going … Continue reading

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Food Futures: Hungry for Change

Food is a commodity that most people don’t have to think about. While speaking to a group of college students from New York University, when asked if they had ever … Continue reading

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Oceans, The Key to Life

There is no doubt that humans find the Ocean a convenient and functional place.  It is a means of transportation and a channel for trade. It has been the battleground … Continue reading

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The Tasmanian Forests

Tasmania has suffered greatly in the last century due to their logging practices. Gunns Ltd., a logging company, had a monopoly on Tasmania’s forests until last year when they went … Continue reading

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Oceans: Dire Projections Must Lead To Change in Public Mindset

Last week, Randi Padilla and I did a presentation on Oceans.  We presented on numerous articles and an excerpt from Alana Mitchell’s Book Seasick. The first articles spoke about sea levels … Continue reading

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Climate Change, Misrepresented.

We all know it’s bad. We’ve read the depressing articles, seen the horrific images, the commercials, and all of the end-of-the-world movies. However, no matter how much the media has … Continue reading

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Urban Sprawl: A Necessary Evil?

Sustainability has and will continue to be a global hot topic. With our ever-growing population, it seems almost impossible that our cities will be able to continue to hold us. … Continue reading

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Feral Invader or Feral Crusader?: A contemplation of the cane toad

The cane toad is an Australian national celebrity. Appearing in in newspapers, advertisements and documentaries across the country (not to mention the more whimsical “traveling toad show”), the toad is … Continue reading

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Fall 2013: Week 5 – Field Trip to Wolli Creek

This week, students in the NYU Sydney Environmental Journalism class went on a fascinating field trip through one of Sydney’s last remnants of natural bushland and one of the few … Continue reading

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Fall 2013: Week 2 – Wilderness Society

We looked at the history of environmental journalism in today’s class – and discussed some of the readings. Wired author Matt Ridley argues that although ‘prophecies of doom’ like Rachel … Continue reading

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NYU Sydney: Environmental Journalism – Fall 2013

It was great to meet the next wave of environmental journalism students here at NYU Sydney – a fascinating group of young people who all have very different reasons for … Continue reading

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