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“The Great Barrier Reef Is in for Another Record-Breaking Bleaching Event”


Alexander Haro, a writer for The Inertia, recently wrote a story of the continued coral bleaching titled “The Great Barrier Reef Is in for Another Record-Breaking Bleaching Event”. The article was published on March 18th and for the most part is an opinion piece. The story explains how there has been mass bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef for some time now and that humans are the main cause of destruction, mainly the government.

The story is directed at a general audience as well as, tourists, environmental groups and the Government. Haro puts a strong emphasis on the United States influence with this environmental disaster and how leaders such as Trump are destroying our environment. His angle is in favor of the reef and against big governments who fail to acknowledge global warming. An alternative angle could be Haro’s attempt to distinguish who is really causing environmental issues around the globe. He could have explored more possible influences on the environment not just the government.

Haro provided the reader with no sources that he personally interviewed. Instead he pulled quotes from other articles or statements made by people. The lack of original sources made his writing less credible. He also omitted some sources that could have been valuable to his writing including, someone who works closely with the Reef or government officials who believe in global warming as well as some that do not.

Haro is effective when it comes to pointing out the dangers of global warming but it lacks in credibility and accuracy. Haro could have had more original sources and have provided ways for the government or general public to help prevent any further bleaching. Haro’s writing failed to be a persuasive article. Instead his News Story felt more like a rant against the government than an environmental story.



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